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"Juliana's classes are great fun. I'm learning so much about my voice and its abilities, and how our muscles and body can alter sound. Music is healing and I feel that after every class. Thank you."


- Aiyah Maraka, Zürich

"Juliana listens and gives relevant advice in relation to vocal technique and my goals, which she quickly understood. She put me at ease quickly and I look forward to continuing the lessons with her."

- Murielle Zermatten, Sion

"I walked out our lesson a much more confident singer. She had an incredible thorough methodology for teaching, and it was obvious she has an enormous amount of experience working with vocal students of all levels."

- Vincent Biagotti, New York


"Juliana is a vocal coach that has a rare combination of sensitivity, technique and focus. Her teaching is very clear and supportive. She has helped me to work with my vocal instrument and my whole body in order to obtain an effortless, clear, and beautiful sound. I whole heartedly recommend Juliana to anybody wanting a truly professional vocal coach to develop their singing."

- Marcela C. Garcia, Maryland

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